Sunday, February 27, 2011

Need to get the point across?

 Draw a picture. Sometimes asking is just too subtle.

Love, or food gone wrong?

Actually, it's the poetry.

There are several reasons why I hate the yearly poetry unit. The biggest reason is because I invariably have to read my students poems, which range from boring to inappropriate to plagiarized. It's my own fault. Each year I succumb to this foolish notion that the best way to assess my student's knowledge of poetic elements is to have them create a poetry portfolio.  The results are astonishingly mediocre. The only thing that blows me away is how many students actually try to pass off 2Pac or Dr. Dre lyrics as their own original work...and then try to pull the Jedi mind trick on me when I confront them about it - "Seriously miss! Dre got that from ME! FROM ME!"

But every now and then, someone puts forth a valiant effort that makes me smile. This is from a collection about (what else?) the perils of teenage love. It's not exactly romantic, but it's charmingly sweet. Sort of like Pepto Bismol.

Love or Food Gone Wrong?
What is love
Just words of lies.
Does it really excite?
I think it does not
But then I have my doubts
'Cause what is this I feel inside?
Is it love or food gone wrong?
It has to be the food
There is no such thing as love
I can't help thinking it can be love
Oh please! Let it be the food gone wrong!