Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It has come to my attention that I have a hobophobic in my class. I was grading essays (yeah, AGAIN) when I came across this:

"Some students think there the (BLEEP). Those students who think there the (BLEEP) ruin it for everyone else your teacher is just trying to help you. No teacher wants there students to be hobos." (Sic to all, by the way. This is an exact quote. She even wrote (BLEEP), rather than the actual swear word.)

SAME kid that said hobos shouldn't have human rights...

I've got to keep an eye on this, lest the hobophobia become an epidemic.


  1. down with the hobos! they're such a BLEEPING menace to society with their sad faces and stick and bandana bundles.

  2. I am your first follower! Oh crap, no I'm not. Um, I'm your first follower named Amy! Wait - I'm not? Crapola!

    Um. I know! I'm your first Hobo follower! Or I would be, if I were an actual Hobo. But let's just pretend because it makes me feel special to be the 1st something, rather than #2.